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Stolle Milk Biologics

SMBI is Passionate About Enhancing the Healthful Properties of Milk

Through 40 years of research, SMBI has elevated milk’s inherent healing capabilities to provide many benefits to overall health, including complementing the body’s anti-inflammatory response, promoting improved antibody function, and helping to enhance athletic performance.

About Stolle

A Global Leader in Milk-Based Technology Health Products

Stolle Milk Biologics is a biotechnology company that sells proprietary milk protein ingredients to manufacturers. Stolle’s ingredients may be compounded into health supplements, foods, or pet products, and are used to ease joint discomfort among other health benefits.

What is MicroLactin®?

MicroLactin® is an all-natural derivative from cow’s milk that is low-lactose, low fat, and high in protein. Our product is made in New Zealand, and there are no added hormones or antibiotics.

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